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Oopsy 5th anniversary.

I have failed to get an anniversary day! I forgot. Because November 1, is 5th year since beginning. Anyway, I continue to write. Let’s show, It’s Article ranking. Even so I have wrote article only five times for this year… 1th. Coming soon HTTP2.0? Let’s study HTTP1.0? JP: HTTP2.0がやってくる?HTTP1.1、HTTP1.0の勉強をしておこうか。 2nd. Let’s simple setup to ssg5 JP: SSG5をいじれる状態まで設定しよう 3rd. Introduce the error list when was “virsh-install“ in a KVM and Scientific Linux. JP: KVM+ScientificLinux Virsh-installした時のエラーたち 4th. If there’s Linux that process can run few number too. JP: もしも、起動できるプロセスがめちゃ少ないLinuxがあったら 5th. Let’s think about program to python. JP: Pythonの練習問題を解いてみる Phewwwww, I thought this result was unexpected. As a bonus, 6th was about C […]

I Chaaanged! blog title.

First of all. I’m so sorry for you that give me comment and other people. Well. I changed the blog title. WHY? BECAUSE I’m going to try my goal that are to know many people so I want to improve information literacy of USERS and to get many ACCESS to my blog, furthermore improve My Skill as Engineer.. But I think The Best important thing is enjoy, so far, I might be doing like for now.

I had to consider about a ssl.conf.

The last time, My web site became HTTPS. However, according to SSL SERVER, it was scored B+. Disappointed. So that, I’ll consider at a ssl.conf, I think I want to enhance security connections. The result, I was able to increase to A+. And I introduce some of the examples. First, I was enabled SPDY. But this is NOT related to security. listen 443 ssl; listen 443 ssl spdy; Now, Spdy is enabled. Now then, although I am saying reviewed ssl.conf I need reference materials. I found “Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator“. This is outputted a ssl.conf to fit each environment. For example, Nginx, set of modern and SSL 1.01e version. etc.. […]


Hello, It’s takeken. Finally, I try change http to https. I use Nginx and trouble a little, but I’m able to be completed! For nginx prepare a private key to Nginx Path. How to create CSR Let’s create a rand.dat # /usr/bin/openssl md5 * > key/rand.dat Using the rand.dat, and create a Private key. In the case of Nginx, Key phrases don’t setup. # /usr/bin/openssl genrsa -rand key/rand.dat -des3 2048 > key/serverkey.pem # cp key/serverkey.pem key/ # /usr/bin/openssl rsa -in key/ -out key/serverkey.pem It’ll generate a CSR with Private key. # /usr/bin/openssl req -new -key key/serverkey.pem -out csr/vincentina.pem Well, Where do you try to SSL. I apply for a rapid […]

The Thing Is, Just Do Web Contents!

today is the 4th anniversary and I congratulate me, so I will always do. The annual content is most popular articles on the my website. Well, Let’s go at once. Please note that, indicating the language of a link destination is Japanese. No 1 Let’s make a web app with Sinatra + ActiveRecord + MySQL. Japanese title: Sinatra + ActiveRecord + MySQL で簡易アプリつくってみる This is the artcle that was affected by the Twitter or the Hatenabookmark. At once, I had achived 10,000 page views at one month conversion. One day, Based on this article, I’ve to write a program that tried use the Ruby on rails. At the time, it […]

slow query report to be changed to from Mysqldumpslow to Qt-digest

At last the long hot days came to nearly over. I’m takeken, How are you doing? A survey on a mysql slow queries was using the Mysqldumpslow, and I would like to use the Qt-digest on a whim. How to install. This is simple enough. that’s all. well. How to use. OK? And, let’s “crontab -e” OK? Let’s An email comes on the next morning. In mysqldumpslow case. Look at result, Very simple. In qt-query-digest case. Wow!, full of letter. Since the smartphone screen is small , it is the meaning is difficult to understand. qt-query-digest have rich content, but I knew so that email on smartphone is difficult read. […]