Oopsy 5th anniversary.

I have failed to get an anniversary day! I forgot. Because November 1, is 5th year since beginning. Anyway, I continue to write. Let’s show, It’s Article ranking. Even so I have wrote article only five times for this year… 1th. Coming soon HTTP2.0? Let’s study HTTP1.0? JP: HTTP2.0がやってくる?HTTP1.1、HTTP1.0の勉強をしておこうか。 2nd. Let’s simple setup to ssg5 JP: SSG5をいじれる状態まで設定しよう 3rd. Introduce the error list when was “virsh-install“ in a KVM and Scientific Linux. JP: KVM+ScientificLinux Virsh-installした時のエラーたち 4th. If there’s Linux that process can run few number too. JP: もしも、起動できるプロセスがめちゃ少ないLinuxがあったら 5th. Let’s think about program to python. JP: Pythonの練習問題を解いてみる Phewwwww, I thought this result was unexpected. As a bonus, 6th was about C […]

I Chaaanged! blog title.

First of all. I’m so sorry for you that give me comment and other people. Well. I changed the blog title. WHY? BECAUSE I’m going to try my goal that are to know many people so I want to improve information literacy of USERS and to get many ACCESS to my blog, furthermore improve My Skill as Engineer.. But I think The Best important thing is enjoy, so far, I might be doing like for now.

I feel good with Xymon.

Oops. I haven’t been wrote during the New Year. dear friend. thank you for always reading. I might be able to entertain you too this year. Well, in the first article. I installed Xymon after such a long time. I think Xymon is older than zabbix but when I use it which think simple but so comfortable though. However, it’s simple instead so it can’t do anything to complicate. I had one problem that I’ve usually used Nginx for main contents and then I tried investigated to various information on the web. Once before. I made set up to combination of Xymon and Nginx. in that case I was failed. […]

I had to consider about a ssl.conf.

The last time, My web site became HTTPS. However, according to SSL SERVER, it was scored B+. Disappointed. So that, I’ll consider at a ssl.conf, I think I want to enhance security connections. The result, I was able to increase to A+. And I introduce some of the examples. First, I was enabled SPDY. But this is NOT related to security. listen 443 ssl; listen 443 ssl spdy; Now, Spdy is enabled. Now then, although I am saying reviewed ssl.conf I need reference materials. I found “Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator“. This is outputted a ssl.conf to fit each environment. For example, Nginx, set of modern and SSL 1.01e version. etc.. […]


Hello, It’s takeken. Finally, I try change http to https. I use Nginx and trouble a little, but I’m able to be completed! For nginx prepare a private key to Nginx Path. How to create CSR Let’s create a rand.dat # /usr/bin/openssl md5 * > key/rand.dat Using the rand.dat, and create a Private key. In the case of Nginx, Key phrases don’t setup. # /usr/bin/openssl genrsa -rand key/rand.dat -des3 2048 > key/serverkey.pem # cp key/serverkey.pem key/serverkey.pem.org # /usr/bin/openssl rsa -in key/serverkey.pem.org -out key/serverkey.pem It’ll generate a CSR with Private key. # /usr/bin/openssl req -new -key key/serverkey.pem -out csr/vincentina.pem Well, Where do you try to SSL. I apply for a rapid […]

It has been a while

I run out of material and I think it’s time to doing studies for licentiate. What do I get licensed? I named the period nurture me for the future. Say, looking back, I wonder I’m in the middle of learning Lpic 303 that. All right. Let’s forget about the past. Well, what does something is secret!! See you.

The Thing Is, Just Do Web Contents!

today is the 4th anniversary and I congratulate me, so I will always do. The annual content is most popular articles on the my website. Well, Let’s go at once. Please note that, indicating the language of a link destination is Japanese. No 1 Let’s make a web app with Sinatra + ActiveRecord + MySQL. Japanese title: Sinatra + ActiveRecord + MySQL で簡易アプリつくってみる This is the artcle that was affected by the Twitter or the Hatenabookmark. At once, I had achived 10,000 page views at one month conversion. One day, Based on this article, I’ve to write a program that tried use the Ruby on rails. At the time, it […]