The Thing Is, Just Do Web Contents!

today is the 4th anniversary and I congratulate me, so I will always do.
The annual content is most popular articles on the my website.
Well, Let’s go at once.

Please note that, indicating the language of a link destination is Japanese.

No 1
Let’s make a web app with Sinatra + ActiveRecord + MySQL.
Japanese title: Sinatra + ActiveRecord + MySQL で簡易アプリつくってみる

This is the artcle that was affected by the Twitter or the Hatenabookmark. At once, I had achived 10,000 page views at one month conversion.
One day, Based on this article, I’ve to write a program that tried use the Ruby on rails.
At the time, it is thought to be useful to try to make a program using Sinatra and Activerecord for programming in Ruby on rais.
But but but but, It did not help. That’s a different kettle of fish.
Recently, I have started to study Java for the Android App. I got a purpose to achieve.

No 2
Let’s simple setup to ssg5
Japanese title: SSG5をいじれる状態まで設定しよう

This article is very simply for beginner. But, apparently it’s a very populer.
My ssg5 when wrote this article is working as a switch now. Perhaps.. I wrote articles about it. It’s inexpensive, but the thing is good.
If you want to setup to them, there are several points to be careful.
General homes, CTU has the role of the Firewall, so it’s necessary to be careful.
I think I’ll buy a switching hub by and by.

No 3
Coming soon HTTP2.0? Let’s study HTTP1.0?
Japanese title: HTTP2.0がやってくる?HTTP1.1、HTTP1.0の勉強をしておこうか。

considering release date, the substantial position 1th is this article. it’s gathered some like better things, so I think it’s popular. And it’s the timely!
I am recommend.

No 4
Introduce the error list when was “virsh-install“ in a KVM and Scientific Linux.
Japanese title: KVM+ScientificLinux Virsh-installした時のエラーたち

This article, not increase the number of hits rapidly, but it seems that to get the number of stable hits to on average. If possible such content article output in regularly, it can be expect that it would become the increase in the overall number of hits.
I am recommend.

No 5
How to install Redmine for Sakura Internet Rental Server Standard Plan.
Japanese title: さくらのスタンダードプランのRailsにRedmineをインストールした

Three consecutive years of winning!
look like it … but.
In fact, there are differences in a little.
Best popular article category in rental server is Redmine rather than Ruby on Rails.
I thought new generation came, when I see a “Sqale” of GMO.

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