Automatic nightly WordPress updates CHECK with WP-CLI plugins

Hello, I’m Takeken.

I’m pretty hardly at a mail check on the morning, but this adds one to WordPress plugins WP-CLI !!

WP-CLI is very nice plugins that It’s checked WordPress Core, WordPress Theme, WordPress plugins , It is a very good WordPress plugins for me who do not use the Auto-Update system.


Well, let see to how to install.


curl -O
chmod +x wp-cli.phar
sudo mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp


All systems go ?

Ok. And so, let’s create a script.




Version=`/usr/local/bin/wp core check-update --path=/pathto/wordpress`
Plugins=`/usr/local/bin/wp plugin status --path=/pathto/wordpress`
Theme=`/usr/local/bin/wp theme status --path=/pathto/wordpress`

echo "$Version $Plugins $Theme" | mail -s "Wordpress Plugins CHECK $HOST_NAME" $MAIL_TO

Are you ready ?

Execute the command:

Such an email comes.. Maybe.

Subjects: WordPress Plugins CHECK ******

Success: WordPress is at the latest version. 4 installed plugins:
  A moji-changer       1.0.0
  I akismet            3.1.3
  I hello              1.6
  I wp-multibyte-patch 2.4

Legend: A = Active, I = Inactive 3 installed themes:
  A twentyfifteen  1.3
  I twentyfourteen 1.5
  I twentythirteen 1.6

Legend: A = Active, I = Inactive


Have you received text?

You can use it if you WordPress Update does at myself want.
If you should need any help, just let it use.

Say now, I remember!

Let’s enroll in cron.

crontab -e


# wordpress plugins check
0 5 * * * /bin/sh /home/takeken/

it’ll result come to you. receive at five o’clock.


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