Oopsy 5th anniversary.

I have failed to get an anniversary day! I forgot.
Because November 1, is 5th year since beginning.

Anyway, I continue to write.
Let’s show, It’s Article ranking. Even so I have wrote article only five times for this year…

Coming soon HTTP2.0? Let’s study HTTP1.0?
JP: HTTP2.0がやってくる?HTTP1.1、HTTP1.0の勉強をしておこうか。

Let’s simple setup to ssg5
JP: SSG5をいじれる状態まで設定しよう

Introduce the error list when was “virsh-install“ in a KVM and Scientific Linux.
JP: KVM+ScientificLinux Virsh-installした時のエラーたち

If there’s Linux that process can run few number too.
JP: もしも、起動できるプロセスがめちゃ少ないLinuxがあったら

Let’s think about program to python.
JP: Pythonの練習問題を解いてみる

Phewwwww, I thought this result was unexpected.
As a bonus, 6th was about C programing.

I hope this blog will be writing for 10th years.
That’s actually from beginning.

What Am I Gonna Do?

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