Web server was altered to Unicorn from Passenger

I saying alter but I do have nothing.
at the setout, When I from an Apache Web Server to Nginx, and then I use Nginx as a Reverse Proxy, add a Unicorn.

reference website.
※The Web page being the link destination is japanese.
あかぎメモ Unicorn + nginx で複数の Rails アプリを動かす

Actually, My work is imitate the reference website.

It is necessary to add a “gem unicorn” in a certain Gemfile in a Web Application Current Directory.

To ‘config/unicorn.rb’ add following character string.

listen "/tmp/event.sock"
pid "/tmp/event.pid"

Unicorn is started.

bundle update
bundle exec unicorn_rails -c config/unicorn.rb -E production -D

After, it’s done reload the nginx by an appropriate description write in the Nginx Config File.

sudo service nginx restart

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